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Recommended reading http://selnd.com/1a5WGbc

20 Ways To Get Your Content In Front Of Early-Stage B2B Buyers Sometimes you hear the argument, social media is great for B2C but not B2B. This article lists ways to use social media for B2B marketing. But notice also the recommendation to use traditional tools such as press releases and email newsletters.

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Reading List

A regular reader of Chiperoni.ch has suggested that I add a book list. Yesterday I stopped by at the uni library and browsed thru the marketing section. I picked up “How Customers Think” by Gerald Zaltmann. And some pages caught my eye. The 10’000 feet view. Ways to find original ideas and get out of… Continue reading Reading List

For my reading list

Nassim Taleb, “The Black Swan” via http://www.liftconference.com/black-swan

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Holiday reading

I stumbled across this in Miami: Call centers take toll on Indian workers

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I’m currently reading “The Last King of Scotland” by Giles Foden. See also this BBC report from Kampala

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Please help #Malawi

Southern Malawi was hit by Cyclone Freddy. My home city, Blantyre, was hit badly. Many parts of the city experienced flash floods and mud slides. Soche, Manja, Ndirande, Chilomoni, Machinjiri. Other parts of southern Malawi are suffering. Mulanje, Thuchila, Phalombe, the lower Shire, Zomba. The equivalent of 6 months of rain fell within a few… Continue reading Please help #Malawi

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Chiperoni weather

When temperatures drop in Blantyre, tweets show up in my timeline. Kuzizira. Rainy drizzle weather. It’s chiperoni time in June and July. I am far away from Blantyre in sunny and warm Basel. Enjoying a very warm and sunny European summer. Trying to get into the habit of writing on my own blog instead of… Continue reading Chiperoni weather

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I attended Medien-Barcamp 2019 – my notes and comments – #medienbc

Yesterday, I set my alarm to 6 am and jumped on the 7:33 train to Zürich-Oerlikon. On a Saturday. To attend a barcamp on media. If you are unfamiliar with the concept of barcamps, a barcamp is a conference that organizes the talks by itself, on the day, Someone provides some rooms and infrastructure such… Continue reading I attended Medien-Barcamp 2019 – my notes and comments – #medienbc

Agile mindset

For my reading list: Via Linkedin I found Definition of ready and No role for designers in Scrum

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Slides: SEO for small business websites

Here are my slides from my recent Women in Digital talk in Basel. I made them “resource-full” with lots of background links. The session was interactive from the start. Lots of questions throughout. Wow. I think the topic hit a nerve. Notes: SEO for small business websites How do you get found in an increasingly… Continue reading Slides: SEO for small business websites

Referral traffic from social media has dropped

I saw this Bufferapp article on declining social media traffic. We’ve lost nearly half our social referral traffic in the last year I say. No wonder. Everybody is online, creating tonnes of content. Most people are too busy to read, let alone follow so many data streams. Many web pages don’t get any traffic at… Continue reading Referral traffic from social media has dropped

Notes and photos from #UXcampch

Some notes and photos from Saturday’s UX camp in Zürich: Adrian Sameli took us thru the process of building infographics. His tip on tools to use: Excel and Adobe Illustrator. He tried one or two infographic tools but didn’t like them much. In the discussion we looked at d3js.org. Next, I attended a session on… Continue reading Notes and photos from #UXcampch

About myths and legends

For future reference Recommended reading – The Myth of Google’s 200 Ranking Factors.

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Responsive web design and low and expensive bandwidth

Some time ago, the Malawi daily newspaper, The Nation, released a new web design. More recently Nyasa Times updated their web design. In both cases, it’s an improvement. And from my current home base here in Switzerland, both sites load promptly. From family in Malawi I hear that the loading times for both sites have… Continue reading Responsive web design and low and expensive bandwidth

Writing for the web – assessing my own writing style

I love reading list articles. This one crossed my paths this week. Just for fun, I’ll run thru the list and assess my own writing for the web style on this blog. So let’s get started”¦ Provide a Reader’s Digest or Executive Summary version. I don’t write a reader’s digest or summary for posts on… Continue reading Writing for the web – assessing my own writing style

Keep this link: “How to launch anything”

I enjoyed reading this article by Nathan Barry: “How to launch anything” Recommended read. My summary in my own words: Start marketing early – even before the product is developed. This helps to identify your audience and to write a marketing plan. Write with a purpose. Set a goal and work towards the goal. Analyze… Continue reading Keep this link: “How to launch anything”

Successful blogging?

I love reading list articles. Here’s one that appeared on my radar today: 6 Pillars of a Successful Blog And just for fun, I’ll run thru the list and assess my own private blogging chez moi. So let’s get started… Purpose/Message/Mission This is a private blog. The main purpose is to learn and reflect. It’s… Continue reading Successful blogging?

Social media sending less traffic, less clicks?

While analyzing website analytics on this blog and on other sites, I’ve noticed that, in year-on-year comparisons, website links within social media streams on Facebook and Twitter are getting less clicks. Despite more followers and more content activity. Reasons? I think many of us are nearing saturation point. Sharing and liking functions are everywhere. More… Continue reading Social media sending less traffic, less clicks?

Success theater is boring

I recommended reading this article: Success theater is boring. Directly related to the increasing lack of privacy. All the world’s a stage. Social media featuritis is part of a never-ending cycle. Ironically the author mentions new tools (Snapchat, VidBurn and Facebook Poke) to replace the broadcast tools. Keep calm. Don’t join the rat race. Use… Continue reading Success theater is boring

Upgraded to WordPress 3.5

Heh, i’ve upgraded to WordPress 3.5. All is well. WordPress is getting old. So far without any major hassles. Unlike Twitter. I learnt this week that I can no longer follow new people cos i crossed the magic threshold of 2000 on my work account. I read somewhere that 2013 will be the year of… Continue reading Upgraded to WordPress 3.5

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