Social Objects and how they help me to connect

In a recent offline conversation, I dropped a comment: That’s my common social object with so-and-so. Me in an informal conversation I realized how much this old blog post from the beginnings of blogging has influenced me. My observation: If I find a common social object, it helps me re-connect. If I find a common […]

Searching on Google Plus

A couple of days ago, I read a post by Louis Gray highlighting Google + search. And I just read this article on the new linking. Inspired by, here are some Google + searches to try out: Search engine optimization Gapingvoid Search for content on Malawi Blantyre, Malawi Chiperoni

Hope I’ll stay on your radar screen in 2008

I like this description of a blog: A simple device to stay on people’s radar screens in a hopefully meaningful way. This is what it’s all about: find out what books/blogs/etc. I’m reading what movies I liked what Malawi websites I’m linking to read about my latest Mac or WordPress discoveries my favorite Gapingvoid quotes […]

get moving

I agree with this gapingvoid post: “So forget about blogs and bloggers and blogging and focus on this — the cost and difficulty of publishing absolutely anything, by anyone, into a global medium, just got a whole lot lower. And the effects of that increased pool of potential producers is going to be vast.” Publishing […]

Blogs Will Change Your Business

Business Week has launched a blog at and explains why business cannot afford to ignore the blogosphere: Blogs Will Change Your Business [update April 26] excerpts from Om Malik’s comments on Business Week cover: sell when Business Week’s cover says buy Now that blogs are in the cover of Business Week, you can safely […]